Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Submitted by Amanda Speaker

Junior riders showcasing the Peruvian horse!
Clay and Orrill Speaker show off their horses and their skills at the 2012 Rocky mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO
Clay age 8 and Orrill rode their Peruvian horses in the Mane Event Friday and Saturday nights showcasing their wonderful Peruvian Horses.  They enjoyed getting to share their horses with the public and had a great time riding in the “Walking Horses of the America’s” Performance that displayed the Peruvian Horses along with the Mangalarga Marchador of Brazil and the Tennessee Walker of the United States. 
Orrill also rode in a duet Performance both nights on her mare SH Gabriella.  Both of her performances were done riding sidesaddle.  Clay did a Driving performance with a Miniature Horse Quadrille on both nights as well, however he really loved getting to ride his Peruvian gelding.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Equine VIP features the Peruvian Horse!

Equine VIP is an online "TV show" that did a piece on D Ranch and Peruvian Horse. Nice plug for the Peruvian Horse!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Congratulations to Judge Kelly Powers

NAPHA would like to congratulate Kelly Powers of California for recently passing her judge's examination at the 2011 U.S. National Show. Kelly also recently earned her show steward's card. Kelly comes from generations of Peruvian Horse owners/breeders and has been a consistent winner in shows across the country for decades now and over the past few years, regularly rides in various Central American shows as well.  She is the owner of Phenom Farms, a boutique Peruvian Horse ranch, located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. While Kelly is not horsing around, she is working hard at Citrix Online, a Goleta, CA-based software company.  Congratulations, Kelly!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Invitation to Participate with SCPPHC Parade Group Extended to all members!

Hello All,
The So Cal Peruvian Paso Horse Club is going to pursue another bid for the 2013 Rose Parade. Considering that we have been in the last three consecutive parades and the rejection rate is 50%, we seem to be holding our own, but no guarantees. This year, the club has created a hosting program for out-of-state riders. Those who do, know that parade riding makes for long days, long trips and added expenses for attire, decorations, gas, lodging and insurance! We recognize how difficult it would be for teams from out of the state to make it to California, spend the necessary time and money and then the trip home. So, we are posing a host program which will provide riders with a ranch to stay and house their horse. We and the Tournament of Roses parade application ask for a 24 month resume from horse and rider. Obviously, the parade committee is most concerned about the experience of the horse in a parade environment.

The So Cal club would charge insurance costs for the club and the parade itself; about $100. Our guests would arrive in California before the Equesfest activities in Burbank...usually 2-3 days ahead of the parade. You would be our guest at the Equestrian Party the night before Equestfest. This is a big dinner hosted by Wells Fargo Bank in a variety of facilities near Burbank. The following day is the Equestfest Performance in Burbank with the Cal team. We would likely not include the out-of-state riders in the performance due to practice requirements. But, all will enjoy the show and contribute to ground support.

So, this is a unique opportunity to be able to participate in the Big One on New Years Day...2013. The energy of this parade is like no other equestrian experience. The first 1.5 miles is the true challenge given the incredible crowd, noise, street activities, cameras..above and below, floats with odd designs, noises and activities, bands, flag get the drift. Even the best parade horses get very excited in this environment. But we have had successful teams with good horses and all have a blast! As a participant, you also have the opportunity to purchase the unique Rose Parade Buckle and their plaque with a team photo on the parade route.

The parade is 5.5 miles. From "the pit" (staging area) to the insertion point is about .75 miles and after the end of the parade, about another .75 miles. So, plan on a 7 mile ride...about 4 hours in the saddle. (We all use borium shoes, but there is a special form to allow barefoot horses...although, I do not recommend it.) The committee has lunch waiting when we finish. If you are possibly interested, please contact me directly for more details. The parade application is due in mid-May, so plans are rolling now. We hope to be accepted again and then have a significant number of Peruvians on Colorado Blvd....where you will also often hear: "Viva Peru" from the audience!

Thank You
Danell Adams

Invitation to attend Panama National Show

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SCPPHC Parade Group Participates in 2012 Rose Parade

Peruvians Shine Once again in the 2012 Rose Parade!

The Rose Parade riders were from left to right- First Row: Cathy Yaskivich, Robin James, Lauren Leatherbury, Jorge Valenzuela - Second Row: Carolyn Truskowski, Lacey James, Daryl Thompson, Ken Jallen, and Third Row: Mike Grossman, me (Kathryn Grossman), Aggie Steele, and Susan McMahan. We had no mishaps, especially since they did not put a band with drums behind us this time! Since the Natural Balance surfing dogs float (ahead of us) stopped so many times, we were allowed to make 'maneuvers' of circling around and joining up again and gaiting. Joining us in the EquestFest performance was Sean McMahan, who was just a shade too young to ride in the parade. Lacey took his place in the actual parade.

We also owe big thanks to our support people who helped to tack up, decorate and drive for us! Diana Whisenant, Ken Brown, Bill Bence and Clyde James. There were others too, that my tired brain can't pull up at the moment...

A group of five of us also gave an informative talk about our horses and parade preparations on Friday night for a large group of Road Scholars. (Cathy, Daryl, Danell Adams, Mike and me) They seemed to really enjoy it, and we got a big cheer from them in the stands on parade day!

Happy New Year!

Kathryn Grossman

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hope you've had a great 2011 and are looking forward to an even better 2012. Remember, if you have news you'd like to share with NAPHA, email us!