Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Submitted by Amanda Speaker

Junior riders showcasing the Peruvian horse!
Clay and Orrill Speaker show off their horses and their skills at the 2012 Rocky mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO
Clay age 8 and Orrill rode their Peruvian horses in the Mane Event Friday and Saturday nights showcasing their wonderful Peruvian Horses.  They enjoyed getting to share their horses with the public and had a great time riding in the “Walking Horses of the America’s” Performance that displayed the Peruvian Horses along with the Mangalarga Marchador of Brazil and the Tennessee Walker of the United States. 
Orrill also rode in a duet Performance both nights on her mare SH Gabriella.  Both of her performances were done riding sidesaddle.  Clay did a Driving performance with a Miniature Horse Quadrille on both nights as well, however he really loved getting to ride his Peruvian gelding.